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Leo Clip-On Blue Light Filter Glasses
Leo Clip-On Blue Light Filter Glasses
Leo Clip-On Blue Light Filter Glasses

Leo Clip-On Blue light filter Glasses

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Leo is our new innovative blue light filter glasses that clip on to your existing glasses. They are easy to use and fit all glasses. The lenses are made of high tech blue light filter lenses and have anti glare coating which means your eyes will feel relaxed throughout the day. 

These are perfect for office use, working from home, basically for anyone who wear prescription glasses.



Better Night Sleep.

Research has shown that when we 
are exposed to blue light, it take us longer to switch off as the Blue light tricks our mind in thinking its daylight so our body finds it harder to sleep. Our blue light filter glasses help you get your 8+ hours of natural sleep as its recommended.

Feeling Fresh and Energised

With our premium blue light filter glasses blocking the blue light, the exposure to the blue light decreases and you will feel a sense of feeling fresh, revitalised and a higher level of energy than before.

Designer Eyewear

Our premium eyewear are designed not only to protect your eyes from the blue light but also be stylish, cool and to complete your look.

Reduce Eye Strain & Headaches 

A common symptom of long term exposure to blue light is that it can cause headaches, sore/tired eyes, eye strain and retinal damage. In some extreme cases it can lead to eye related diseases. Oculusa anti blue light glasses reduce all these symptoms and keeps you safe.