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What is Blue light?

When we was younger, you might have heard the phrase, “if you watch too much TV, you will go blind”.  Now there is a digital screen everywhere, we carry our smartphones everywhere we go, we are on our laptop/ computer for work.

Whether it’s watching Netflix, scrolling through our social media or just catching up with work, all these activities have one thing in common: screen time.

As we are in the digital age, carrying digital device is pretty much a normal part of our every day life, majority of us can't function without our smartphones but have we stopped to ask ourselves, what is all this screen time doing to our eyes?

This article explains all your unanswered questions about blue light and how to protect yourself from it.

 Busting the myth on blue light

Blue light isn't some magical or special form of light that is emitted by our digital devices, its actually all around us. As soon as we step outside, we are exposed to the blue light and the sun is the main source of the blue light. The reason why the sky is blue is because of the blue light waves is being bounced around most of the earths atmosphere.

The blue light spectrum consists of UV, visible light and infrared light. Everything we see with our eyes is the visible light which is 50% of the light spectrum. UV and infrared light are invisible to the human eye. These light spectrum come in different colours and contain different amounts of energy.


 Is Blue Light Bad?

Blue light actually has many benefits. During daylight hours, it helps you regulate circadian rhythm and provides increase in alertness and cognitive functions.


Blue light is the most cost effective and efficient form of light, this is why we are exposed to it in our every day life.


  Because of its efficiency, we are exposed to higher level of blue light than ever before. As much blue light is good for us during the day, too much of blue light light exposure is bad for us too.

Blue light exposure especially at night can affect your natural sleeping pattern which can leave you feeling tired, drained and lack of motivation to function the next day.

"No one wants to feel like a zombie the next day with puffy red eyes and the lack of energy"

Blue light exposure symptoms are very common and most people do not know what is they're caused by. As we are in the digital age its becoming more widespread.

Digital eye strain is real! 

It comes from looking at your digital screens for long periods of time. Smartphones, computers, laptops, television and playing games console are the most places to find people suffering from digital eye strain. Another common place is people who work in the office environment who spend most of the working day behind a computer screen.

Common symptom of long exposure to blue light includes:

  • Headaches.
  • Sore, tired, dry or red itchy eyes.
  • Sensitivity to light.
  • Sleepless nights.
How to protect your eyes from the blue light.

There are many ways to protect your eyes from the blue light:
  • Take a break from the digital screen.
  • Power down at night, meaning turn your phone off and try not to watch television at night.
  • Use the 20-20-20 rule. (it recommends that every 20 minutes, you look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds.)
However the issue is, we are slaves to our own habits. We are always on our smartphones, watching Netflix or just catching up with some work.
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